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Privacy and Cookie Policy

Privacy policy updated on 25 May 2018


          1. The Data Controller of personal data is Officina Profumo farmaceutica di santa Maria Novella S.p.A., whose registered office in Via della Scala 16 - 50123 Florence, email [email protected]


This website uses cookies. They are small files that are sent to the browser and saved on the user's device when they visit a particular website. Cookies allow a more efficient operation of the site and improve performance. They can also provide the owner of the site with information for statistical or advertising purposes, especially to personalise the browsing experience by remembering the user’s preferences.

Precisely because of these possibilities they can also be used to track customer/user browsing of the site and to send messages that respond to the browsing performed.

Therefore, the Data Controller provides information on how cookies work on this website.

By accepting this Privacy Policy, the user agrees to cookies being used by the site.


A - Technical cookies

Based on the guidelines given by the Data Protection Authority for personal data about the identification of the simplified methods for the privacy policy and the acquisition of consent for the use of cookies (8 May 2014) technical cookies can be considered as: A1) browser or session cookies A2) analytical cookies where installed and used by the owner of the site and A3) functionality cookies. The user’s consent is not required to use these cookies.

A.1: Browser or session cookies

These are session cookies strictly necessary and essential to allow the user to browse between the pages of the site and benefit from the essential features of the site itself, such as, for example, access to restricted areas. Cookies for authentication fall under this category. In the absence of cookies of this type, it would not be possible to provide essential services such as, for example, the cart with orders and electronic invoicing. If the user decides to disable these cookies, they will not be able to use the site to order products. The Data Controller is able to recognise the user when they log in to the site and can thus ensure that the user can make the most of the functionalities provided by the site. In some cases, disabling these cookies, may not be technically possible, in so far as it is necessary to ensure the operation of the site or in the case in which they are used by the owner for the purpose of fraud prevention. Moreover, this site uses cookies to keep track of the fact that the user has been informed of the possibility that the owner uses profiling cookies and has granted, if appropriate, their consent. (Non occorre spunta perché questi non richiedono consenso. Si può comunque prevedere widget di accettazione )

A.2: Analytical cookies

These types of cookies comprises both own cookies and third-party cookies. Analytics cookies are considered technical cookies when used directly by the operator of the site to gather information in aggregate form, on the number of users and how they visit the site. These cookies are also known as performance (or service) cookies and collect, as said above, information with regard to how the website is used by the user in order to improve the quality of the site and the services offered. The information collected by these cookies may relate, for example, to pages most often visited by the user or the possibility of the user receiving error messages coming from the pages visited. Any information collected by this type of cookie are in aggregate form and therefore identification data (i.e. first and last name) are not collected. (anche qui è possibile solo widget di accettazione se cookie analitici sono utilizzati e installati direttamente dal gestore. Invece occorre prevedere spunta, widget solo nel caso che si tratti di cookie analitici di terze parti. Se Officina utilizza cookie analitici di terze parti si prevederà spunta)

A.3: Functionality cookies

Functionality cookies allow the site to store the user’s online preferences (such as user name, language or location) and to provide enhanced functionalities that can better respond to personalisation activities.

These cookies may also be used to provide services requested by the user or to prevent the user from receiving services that it has previously refused.

With the choice of certain functionalities and services the user accepts the use of related functionality cookies by Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella S.p.A. (anche qui è possibile solo spunta, widget di accettazione in quanto si tratta di cookie assimilati a cookie tecnici però solo se oFFicina fa uso di cookie di funzionalità propri, se invece anche dim terze parti allora prevedere spunta solo per quelli di terze parti)

B – Profiling cookies

Profiling cookies are used to create the user profile with the aim of sending commercial messages based on the preferences expressed when browsing the site or to improve the shopping and browsing experience. In particular, profiling cookies are used by the Data Controller, suppliers of advertising services and/or by third parties to offer the user a form of personalised browsing through the offer on third-party sites of ads targeting the user and in line with their interests. The information shall be for the sole benefit of the Data Controller as well as the owner of the site and will not be shared with third parties, with the exception of suppliers of advertising services used by the Data Controller for the sole purpose of processing such information on behalf of the Data Controller.

In certain circumstances, in particular if the user is logged in to their account, Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella S.p.A. can cross-reference the data collected via cookies with the user’s personal data collected for the purposes indicated above, except in the case where the user has expressly refused this type of processing and has decided not to accept this type of cookie when creating their account. We recommend the user reads the privacy policy of Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella S.p.A. on the protection of personal data to find out more information on the detailed rules adopted by Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella S.p.A. for the processing of the user’s personal data in these cases.

The user’s consent is required for the use of profiling cookies; the user can change the preferences expressed regarding profiling cookies at any time via their browser settings, by enabling/disabling all third-party cookies. (anche qui prevedere spunta, widget)

Managing preferences regarding cookies via the browser

The user can to choose whether to accept or refuse the use of cookies at any time by simply changing their browser settings. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can set your browser to receive a warning message every time an operator attempts to send a cookie to the user, and/or in such a way as to prevent acceptance. Most browsers provide information on how to prevent cookies being stored in your browser or how to receive a warning message before accepting cookies or how to disable cookies altogether. Below you can find the pages that describe the settings in more detail for each browser:



 Internet Explorer



If the user uses more than one browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.) it is necessary to repeat the procedure with each of them and if you use multiple devices to connect to the internet (for example, from work and from home), you need to set your preferences on each browser for each device. Warning: completely disabling cookies from your browser may compromise the correct functionality of some parts of the site of Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella S.p.A., such as, for example, normal browsing between the pages of the site or the possibility of making purchases, up to the loss of the personalisation functions so that the offer of ads during the visit of the site may not be targeted based on the user’s interests.

How to disable third-party cookies and profiling cookies on the browser

You can see how to disable third-party cookies and profiling cookies on your computer via the website

To disable analytical cookies and prevent Google Analytics from collecting your browsing data you can download the browser add-on to deactivate Google Analytics (

A complete picture of the cookies used on the site, their name and the purposes for which they are being used is available here below:

Technical cookies installed by the Data Controller

Name of the cookie



Cookies needed to manage consent for the cookies policy. Expires 30 days after confirmation.


Cookies needed to manage browser operation. Expires when the browser is closed.

Third-party technical cookies

Reference third-party



Cookies needed to detect aggregate data on browsing with individual unrecognisable users. Expires after 2 years at the latest.

gTag Manager

Cookies needed for content availability, detects browsing information with aggregate data. Expires after 2 years at the latest.


Cookies needed to manage customer care via online chat. Expires after 1 year at the latest.

Third-party analytical cookies

Reference third-party



Cookies needed to detect aggregate data on browsing with individual unrecognisable users. Expires after 2 years at the latest.

gTag Manager

Cookies needed for content availability, detects browsing information with aggregate data. Expires after 2 years at the latest.


Cookies needed to manage customer care via online chat. Expires after 1 year at the latest.

Third-party profiling cookies

Reference third-party